Fashion conspiracy: Does Prince Harry only own one pair of shoes?

Fashion conspiracy: Does Prince Harry only own one pair of shoes?

The Duke of Sussex has had a busy few months in the spotlight since the birth of his first son, Archie.

However, it seems not even a swarm of cameras could pick up this odd fashion choice by Prince Harry that has seemed to be a constant for the royal for the last few months.

Royal fans noticed something strange about the Duke of Sussex when a beautiful photograph of him and his family at the christening of first son Archie’s baptism was shared.

It wasn’t just the adorable photo of Archie that kept fans on their toes, or the beautiful smile that graced Harry's wife Duchess Meghan that got people talking – it was a pair of suede brown brogues that was spotted on the Duke’s feet.

On Twitter, fans pointed out Prince Harry had been wearing the same particular pair of shoes for the past few months.

“Prince Harry’s offhand manner of dressing for his son and heir’s first official outing. Is this the exact same suit and suede shoes he wore when he showed the world his son?” one eagle-eyed fan wrote.

Another tweet read: “Prince Harry is wearing exactly the same suit, brown desert boots, white shirt as he wore to present Archie.”

“On an unrelated note, could the Duchess of Sussex do something about how sloppy her husband Prince Harry looks?” a snarky comment read.

“Start with burning those ugly a** worn out brown shoes.”

It appears Prince Harry has been wearing the same brown pair of shoes for a while now – dating back to October 2018 when he visited Sussex with his wife.

The Duke was also spotted in the shoes when he and Duchess Meghan touched down in Casablanca airport in February.

A few days later, the royal member was sporting the brogues again while the couple visited Rabat in Morocco.

The royal has proven a pair of shoes can take you a long way.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the number of times Prince Harry has been spotted sporting his favourite brown pair of shoes.