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Mon, 6 Jul, 2015

The world’s first dolls with disabilities are flying off the shelves

The world’s first dolls with disabilities are flying off the shelves

We know it’s a little early, but we’ve found some dolls that should be under the Christmas tree this December. Thanks to a social media campaign using the hashtag #ToyLikeMe, a new line of dolls with disabilities has been created; and they’re flying off the shelves.

After thousands of letters, tweets, and photos of homemade dolls, the campaign saw fruit this year when toy company Makies launched the world’s first line of dolls with disabilities. Makies specialises in customised, 3D-printed dolls and is planning to expand the range soon. So far, the range includes three girls: one with a hearing aid, one with a cane, and one with a facial birthmark.

The company has said that it is happy to discuss the dolls with parents who are interested, and take orders for the new range.

While the dolls certainly aren’t cheap, we think it’s wonderful that boys and girls have now been given an option to see and play with more inclusive representations of themselves and their friends.

You can visit the Makies website here.

Image credit: Toys Like Me Facebook page

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