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Wed, 23 Dec, 2015

Dog snuggles with bird and hamster best friends

Dog snuggles with bird and hamster best friends

Sometimes in life the best friendships are the ones that form in the unlikeliest of places.

Bob is a golden retriever with a heart of gold living the high life in Brazil with his best friends. The catch? His best friends are a collection of eight birds and a tiny hamster!

Bob was adopted by his owner Luiz Higa Junior when he was just four months old. Luiz bought a cockatiel and parakeet just a month later and the group has been inseparable ever since.

As you can see in the images above Bob is very well behaved. Luiz says: “Since the beginning they have lived side-by-side and it has been so nice to see how they have behaved together.”

Since then six other birds and a hamster have joined the crew, and from the looks of it with this gang it’s a case of “The more, the merrier!” Scroll through the gallery above to see all the images!

Image credit: Instagram / Bob the Golden Retriever 

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