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Tue, 22 Dec, 2015

Clever koala figures out a way to get a drink in the heat

Clever koala figures out a way to get a drink in the heat

Think of this poor little guy next time you’re grabbing a cool drink from your fridge!

An Adelaide resident has recorded a video of a koala drinking water from a roadside rain in Hope Valley.

Adelaide is currently experiencing a historic heat wave which has seen the city post it’s hottest ever run of December days, and it looks like it just got a little bit too much for this cute little guy.

Paul Jansen was driving along Valley Road when he noticed the koala reaching for some refreshments and couldn’t resist the opportunity to pull over and take a video, describing it as “phenomenal”.

That being said, extreme temperatures are a big problem for natural wildlife. Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital director Rae Campbell told ABC News that the koala may have been drinking for a serious issue: “South Australia is the only state where the koala population suffers from renal failure. If people observe them drinking a lot, they should call us and we can go out and get the koala for further testing."

While cute, the footage is a timely reminder that humans aren’t the only one’s feeling the heat. 

Video credit: Facebook / Paul Jansen 

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