Melody Teh


Thu, 5 Feb, 2015

February is the cheapest month for booking flights

February is the cheapest month for booking flights

Are you planning an overseas holidays soon? Well, you might want to make your bookings now according to the latest findings.

Travel search site Skyscanner have named the month of February and the second week in November to be the cheapest times to travel after analysing three years’ worth of flight booking data.

Based on 250 million flights, Skyscanner found travellers who made bookings in February will save 11 per cent on the average ticket price and 13.3 per cent on the second week of November.

Alana Saphin, Skyscanner’s Head of Marketing Australia New Zealand, explained: “A number of factors such as airlines, destinations, time of year, and flight routes can influence airfare prices making it difficult for travellers to know the best time to pin down the cheapest flight. By releasing our latest insights we are giving travellers the confidence that they will get the best deal on their next airfare.”

However, there’s still no guarantee when it comes to airline ticket prices.

“With flight prices constantly fluctuating, booking closer to the departure date could be a bit of gamble, so keep this in mind if booking too close to the departure date,” Saphin added.

Destination also affects the best time to book flights. If it’s to the UK, you should book 12 weeks out and to Bali then it’s recommended to book 19 weeks in advance.

“Booking the likes of Bali and Thailand so far in advance comes down to demand and availability within the airlines,” said Saphin.

Cheapest time to travel

Month: February

Week: Second week in November

Most expensive time to travel

Month: December

Week: Fourth week in December

Best time to book cheap flights

Thailand: 20 weeks before departure date

USA: 19 weeks before departure date

Indonesia: 19 weeks before departure date

UK: 12 weeks before departure date

New Zealand: six weeks before departure date