Ben Squires


Thu, 31 Dec, 2015

Champagne helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s

Champagne helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s

Not that we need an extra excuse to break out the champers, but scientists have found that drinking three glasses of champagne every week could help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Scientists at Reading University conducted an experiment that revealed a compound in pinot noir and pinot meunier can increase spatial memory and potentially ward off brain disease.

Professor Jeremy Spencer at Reading University was impressed with the results, telling The Mail, “This research is exciting because it illustrates for the first time that moderate consumption of champagne has the potential to influence cognitive functioning such as memory.”

Scientists hope to move onto trails involving seniors (that we’d certainly be happy to put our hands up for just quietly). While initial results are impressive the Alzheimer's Society remains cautious stating, “A lot more research is needed.”

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