Melody Teh


Thu, 11 Jun, 2015

Woman sets out to sew 1,000 dresses by her 100th birthday for charity

Woman sets out to sew 1,000 dresses by her 100th birthday for charity

Lillian Weber recently celebrated her 100th birthday, which is an amazing achievement in itself, but this new centenarian had another goal she’d vowed to accomplish by her milestone birthday: sew 1,000 dresses for children in need.


And Weber hit that mark, completing 1,051 dresses by her May 6 birthday. The Iowan has been creating handmade dresses since 2011 for Little Dresses for Africa, a Christian non-profit, which has provided more than three million dresses to young girls in 47 African countries.

“She personalises all the dresses,” Weber's daughter, Linda, told WQAD-TV. “It’s not like good enough that she makes the dresses, she has to put something on the front to make it look special, to give it her touch.”

Weber was honoured by Little Dresses for Africa at her birthday party with a personal plaque celebrating her tremendous achievement.

“There’s no age limit to this. Somebody who’s 100 years old still putting out this quality with such a positive and inspirational message, it’s just been wonderful,” Little Dresses for Africa founder, Rachel O’Neill, said. “Lives are really saved because of these dresses.”

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