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Mon, 30 Mar, 2015

Meet Oz – the cute cat with a map of Australia on her nose

Meet Oz – the cute cat with a map of Australia on her nose

An award-winning oriental long haired cat, named Oz, has captured the attention of spectators at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney for the distinctive markings on her nose that bear a striking resemblance to a map of Australia.

“Oz was on display yesterday and we all just thought ‘Wow, this is the most amazing cat we have ever seen,’” Anne Fawcett, a volunteer vet who spotted Oz at the show, has said. 

Owned by cat breeder Deborah Nugent, the Sydney show was the young cat’s debut on the show circuit. 

Deborah has explained that Oz was born with a “black splotch” on her nose but it was only as she started to get older it developed the remarkable likeness to a map of Australia. 

Oz’s popularity at the show has meant Ms Nugent is now considering bringing the cat back to the show on Thursday so her fans can get the chance to meet her.

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