Shannen Findlay

Bursting with charisma: How Prince Louis is capturing everyone's hearts

When the royal family had a special outing at the polo this week, it was one of the youngest members who stole the show.

Prince Louis definitely gave his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, a run for her money – in the span of a few hours the young prince sucked his thumbs, wore his mother’s sunglasses in the cutest way, escaped from his mother’s grasp a number of times, blew kisses to his Aunty Meghan and stuck out his tongue at a peacefully sleeping Archie.

While both Prince William and Prince Harry battled it out on the polo field, their wives and children spent their time on the sidelines cheering on the royal brothers. Royal fans were overjoyed by the adorable pictures that circulated of the excited Prince Louis showing off, blowing kisses and causing a muck as any one-year-old does.

This is not the only time he has put on an adorable toddler show for the cameras – making national headlines for his hilarious antics at Trooping the Colour recently where he switched between sitting in his father and mother’s arms while undergoing his cheeky ways.

The little tyke was pictured waving and pulling faces during the annual military parade, which marked the official birthday celebrations of the Queen.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Prince Louis’ most adorable moments.