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Wed, 25 Mar, 2015

Beluga whales jumps out of the water to kiss man on cheek

Beluga whales jumps out of the water to kiss man on cheek

A group of rescued beluga whales have been seen showing their appreciation to the trainers that have been helping them. It would appear the whales have been giving their trainers quite the run around.

The playful creatures were clearly in the mood for mischief as they squirted water into the faces of their carers.

After splashing in the water during feeding time, the curious-looking creatures were seen bursting out of the water only to plant a kiss on the head of one of their trainers.

They were rescued by the Primorskiy Sea Mammal Research Centre in Vladivostok, after they were found either injured or orphaned in the wild.

Known for their friendly nature, the belugas have developed an incredible bond with their careers as displayed in these heartwarming images by Russian photographer, Youri Smityuk, 26.

Located in Paris Bay on the south east coast of Russia, the belugas live in an enclosure that uses the same waters as their natural habitat.

They sure are playful. Picture: Your Smituk/Caters News

Aww ... Picture: Your Smituk/Caters News

What are you looking at? Picture: Your Smituk/Caters News

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