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Fri, 19 Jun, 2015

Australian couple finds 44-year-old message in a bottle and track down owner

Australian couple finds 44-year-old message in a bottle and track down owner

Recently, Australian couple Shaun and Shelley Thomas discovered a 44-year-old message in a bottle and tracked down its original sender, Raymond Davidson.

At the age of just 14, Davidson enclosed a message in a green Williams and Humbert bottle and tossed it into Scotland’s Cove Bay. The message within read, “This bottle was thrown in the sea at Cove Aberdeen on 15/1/71 by Raymond Davidson, 62 Ullswater Road, Carlisle. Please contact.”

170575-e 627b 6bc -15e 6-11e 5-be 24-42d 1c 440f 308While on holiday in the UK, the couple uncovered the bottle, which traveled one-point-six kilometers a year, on a sand dune in Rattray Head, northern Scotland, a mere 70 kilometers from its place of origin. “We went for a walk along the sand dunes. It was just at the bottom of one of the sand dunes hidden under a couple of other bottles,” Ms Thomas shared with the BBC.

The pair, who has a bottle collection, used Facebook to track down this bottle’s original owner and found him residing in the same town over 40 years later.

“To be honest, I don’t really remember why I decided to put a message in a bottle,” he told The Scotsman, “but it’s great that someone has found it. I had forgotten all about it.”

The couple visited Davidson during their holiday and the trio sat down to have a few beers before their return to Australia.

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