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Fri, 6 Mar, 2015

Photographer documents the days in the life of 80-plus women in New York City

Photographer documents the days in the life of 80-plus women in New York City

“Life Ever After documents a community of women that live alone after losing companions, relatives or friends. To look at them is also to look at the beauty of life, that definitely does not end when you reach your 80s,” says photographer Patricia Monteiro on her website.

“Even with all the rush and fast pace of New York City, many elderly women manage to keep up with their lives in their own rhythm and grace,” she continues.

Patricia Monteiro has been documenting the daily lives of over-80 women in New York City for her photography series Life Ever After. Monteiro was inspired to take on the series by her own grandmother, who battled the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

“I wanted to show a positive side of growing old, to try to remind people that life is not over just because you reached your 80s -- there's still so much you can do for yourself and your community," Monteiro told The Huffington Post. She said, the ladies “made me think about aging in a different way.”

The featured women - Rita Immermann, Claire Gottfried and Molly Kanner and Sonia Goldstein – all enjoy independent lives with days full of activities. Monterio said she attempted to capture the sense of adventure that sees them gazing at masterpieces to playing bridge to enjoying a glass of wine before a trip to the theatre.

“We should look after our elders more and I see this very little, not only in the US, but in Brazil, my home country, too,” Monteiro concluded. “After doing this project, I am more aware of people and more considerate, I'd say. It made me realize how easily we can underestimate elderly's opinions, for example, when they can be so thoughtful and helpful. Knowing these ladies taught me a lot about appreciating life as it is.”

Image credit: Patricia Monteir website 

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