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Waleed Aly's wife Susan Carland reveals the most unusual questions she is asked

Waleed Aly's wife Susan Carland reveals the most unusual questions she is asked

Australian media personality and academic Susan Carland has opened up about the most unusual questions she has been asked about her decision to wear the hijab.

The wife of The Project host Waleed Aly has been open about her decision to convert to Islam when she was 19 years old.

Speaking to Yahoo Be at the 2018 Logie Awards, Susan admitted: “There are a few unusual questions.”

“'Do you shower with that on?'” she laughed.

“'Do you ever take it off?' Someone once asked, ‘But how do you give birth?'”

In an interview in 2016, Susan explained the reason why she chooses to cover her head.

“In the end, the reason I wear the hijab or the headscarf is an active worship to God,” she told Mamamia at the time.

“As a Muslim we believe that everything we do can either be an active worship or just a mindless endeavour.

“It’s just about reminding myself who I am, what my values are, why I’m here.”

Recently, Susan used her skills to show cancer sufferers how to tie a head scarf at a workshop with Cancer Council Victoria.

“I kept having women who’d lost their hair due to cancer treatment email me or stop me on the street and say, ‘How do you tie your scarf? Where did you buy it?’,” Susan told Yahoo Be of how she was inspired to get involved. 

“I think about the sixth time it happened I thought, maybe I should approach them [Cancer Council].

“Fortunately the Cancer Council said, ‘Yeh we’re happy to, why don’t you run a workshop?’”

In Waleed’s 2016 Gold Logies acceptance speech, he thanked his wife for being a pillar of support to him and being an accomplished woman in her own right.

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At this year’s Logies, Susan wore a green Aleem Yusuf gown that was designed especially for her.

“Honestly I’m an academic, what do I know about fashion?” she said at the event.

"But fortunately, he [Yusuf] knows what he’s doing and he put this beautiful piece together.”