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Fri, 15 Jan, 2016

112-year-old reveals the secret to a long life

112-year-old reveals the secret to a long life

If there’s ever been a time where “Happy Birthday” is in order.

P.J. Lott, a veteran from Laurel, Mississippi, turned 112 years old this past Monday and celebrated the milestone with some of his nearest and dearest.

Mr Lott also took the opportunity to reveal his secret to reaching such and advanced aged (and no, it’s not a juice cleanse diet). Mr Lott said the secret to ageing so well is, “Treating folks right.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Mr Lott has lived quite a generous life, and has always lent a hand to those in need as his goddaughter Brenda Washington told Huffington Post.

Ms Washington says, "People used to come to him when they needed things. He would always tell them, 'If I can help you in any kind of way, I'd be glad to help you.' If you were hungry, he would feed you. He really loves to go fishing... sitting outside on the porch to enjoy the air. He loves to talk and laugh and to... be around people."

Congratulations P.J! Here’s to many more! 

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