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This retirement home for ageing animals will warm your heart

This retirement home for ageing animals will warm your heart

Located in southern Belgium lies the perfect care home for 150 ageing animals who are living out the rest of their days in peace.

The home which is ran by Valeria Luycx is called Les Petits Vieux meaning The Little Old Ones and is a shelter made to give older animals the best place to spend their final years.

Located in rural Chievres, the animal retreat is home to a number of animals, including Pastis, a pot-bellied pig, a number of elderly dogs, ponies and goats, as reported by the BBC.

The elderly animals were taken to the specialty home due to health problems or their original owners being too old to care for them any longer.

Just some of the gorgeous rescues include a stunning 15-year-old European cat named Azuria, a nine-year-old Carlin dog named Ramses and Yam the nine-year-old Saint Bernard dog who loves a good pat.

The shelter was created in 2000 by Valerie and her husband Serge.

“We wanted to recreate family life for the animals,” she said.

The older animals are never in cages and are able to explore to their hearts desire, although Valerie says they much prefer to be snuggled on the sofa with her.