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The heartwarming moment hero tradesman pays for pensioner’s meal

The heartwarming moment hero tradesman pays for pensioner’s meal

A tradie, who was filmed paying for a pensioner’s meal at McDonald’s in Bendigo, Victoria, this week has said that he only did what all Australians should do after noticing the elderly man fumbling with a handful of change.

Dave Love, 42, generously offered to pay for the meal on Tuesday and the good deed was secretly recorded and has since gone viral.

The elderly man who was the recipient of the act of kindness, Bert, is a widower who recently lost his daughter.

“When I looked at that man I saw my dad, who has passed away. I just had to help him,” Dave told Daily Mail Australia.

“Pensioners need our help. I just hope people who see the video remember to do a similar thing in the future.”

The video was secretly captured by Melanie Langley, Dave’s partner, who explained that he regularly does kind things for strangers.

“He has the best heart - he always puts himself last and would do anything for anyone,” Melanie, 39, said.

Dave’s eldest daughter, Eliza, said she was proud of her dad.

“He does this stuff all the time, one day he was really broke but saw an old lady needed some money for food at the supermarket and gave her the rest of the money he had til payday,” she said.

Dave offered to pay for Bert’s meal alongside his own coffee at a McDonald’s in Bendigo, Victoria.

Bert initially resisted Dave’s offer but eventually accepted it, saying: “Thank you very much… you're a gentleman, thank you.”

In the video, Bert can then be seen moving away from the counter with his order number.

Dave then handed him a $20 note, saying: “That's for your next coffee.”

Since the video was shared online, Dave has received many messages praising his kindness.

“It's not about me - it is about helping people out. I didn't do this for attention but I'm glad it has made people realise how far a little kindness can go,” he said.   

“These people built our country so we can live the lives we have today - for my generation and the generation after us,” he said. 

“If I was prime minister tomorrow I would fix the pension.”

Bert has since been given a year’s supply of McDonald’s.