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Fri, 23 Dec, 2016Georgia Dixon

Sneaky things ageing does

Sneaky things ageing does

Robyn Lee is in her 70s and lives with two lovable but naughty cats. She has published a book on seniors behaving badly, entitled Old Age and Villainy, and considers herself an expert on the subject. 

Robyn LeeIt’s ironic, isn’t it?  You wake up one morning and you’re sixty…or older.  That’s when you start noticing the sneaky little things that being older does.  Like, when you’re talking to someone and for the life of you, you cannot remember that word you want.  Or when you need to write things down to remember them, or writing out a grocery list and leaving the damn thing on the table, only to realise that when you’re at the supermarket.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like being older, although I’ll never see sixty again and even seventy is rapidly disappearing into the mists of time.  What gets me is that no one warns you about the nasty little tricks the onset of age brings.  I’ve run around like a headless chook searching for my glasses, only to realise they’re on my face.  I’ve carefully put all my library books into a bag, putting it out in the lounge room, only to get to the library minus the bag.

Ok, so maybe I’m losing my marbles a little.  I can cope with that.  It’s when the body starts doing its ageing thing that’s alarming.  You wake up one morning and everything’s sagging, droopy and wrinkled…it seems to happen overnight.  Then there’s the alcohol thing.  No more quaffing untold glasses of wine…the morning after effect is ten times worse than what it used to be.  Even one glass can turn you into a one pot screamer.  While it wasn’t pretty when we were younger, it’s downright ugly at our age.

The body has other sneaky ways of keeping you in check, too.  Have you ever been out to dinner, enjoyed a meal that was maybe a bit rich or spicy but delicious, and suffered with heartburn or indigestion afterwards?  That’s not funny, is it?  Also, indulge too much in good food and your doctor gives you a lecture about your high cholesterol.  Bah, humbug!

As for exercise, while it’s essential, we’re just not as good at it now.  Swimming, dancing, brisk walking, all seem to take just that little more effort.  And forget about squatting on one’s haunches, it’s nigh near impossible to get up without hanging on to something or someone for leverage…and possibly pulling them over so you both end up like a pair of cast sheep.

Then there’s applying makeup. I never used to go out without my “face” on.  Those days are gone.  I can’t even see to put on a bit of eyeshadow and mascara unless I have my specs on and that makes things rather difficult.  So, I just slap on some moisturiser these days and sometimes, when I remember, some tinted BB cream.

Have you noticed your nose is more sensitive and strong smells like some perfumes have you coughing and/or sneezing?  Or strongly perfumed flowers, while lovely, that can cause the same reactions?  However, the good thing about our sensitive noses is being able to sniff out coffee, chocolate or wine from an amazing distance!  Some things never change.

Apart from the above minor irritations, getting older is not such a bad thing.  Let’s celebrate being our age because as baby boomers, we are the largest generation in the world today and we rock!

*Image is a stock photo and not of Robyn Lee.

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