"This is just theft": Bride's disgust over wedding act

"This is just theft": Bride's disgust over wedding act

A bride has been left heartbroken and disgusted after she discovered a wedding guest had stolen more than 35 items during their wedding reception.

In a Facebook post shared on Reddit, the bride revealed that her estranged sister-in-law had taken 30 wedding favours, four bridesmaids bouquets (and the vase they were kept in) as well as the bride's own flowers.

She heartbreakingly revealed that a memorial charm with her mother's photo had also been stolen as it was attached to the bridal bouquet.

“So I married the love of my life Friday,” the bride wrote on Facebook.

“Everything went perfectly .... except one little issue and I am curious (as to) all your thoughts on it.

“My brother and his wife are separated but I still invited her because my nephew was a ring bearer and I know she wanted to be there.

“Anyhow, at the end of the night she helped herself to a centrepiece, about 30 favoured, four bridesmaid bouquets and the vases they were sitting in. And MY BOUQUET!

“Which had a memorial charm with my mum’s photo on it.”

“I didn’t find out for sure until the next day. I gave her that whole following day to speak up about it. Nothing,” she said.

“Finally I confronted her yesterday. When I asked her why, she replied, ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just thought they were nice.’

“Is it me, or is this a complete WTF?! moment?”

Reddit users were absolutely furious with the act, saying it was "very uncouth".

“Very uncouth. Take ONE centrepiece. It’s almost like she was looting!” said one.

“The centrepiece isn’t so uncommon. I let guests take mine, it was mostly family, many of whom still have them as they weren’t perishable. Taking people’s bouquets and the bridal bouquet is just crazy!”

Wrote a third: “This is just theft. And last I heard, stealing stuff is a criminal act.”

Added one more: “Taking the Bride’s Bouquet is the real WTF. Like the other stuff is rude but not unheard of but seriously who takes that?!”

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