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The role Princess Diana played in Prince Andrew and Fergie’s romance

The role Princess Diana played in Prince Andrew and Fergie’s romance

In the summer of 1985, the start of a turbulent love affair between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson began.

As old family friends, they had fallen out of touch for years before reconnecting as adults while attending Royal Ascot.

“He was utterly charmed by her, she was nothing the Royal Family has ever seen before,” 9Honey's royal columnist, Victoria Arbiter said.

"Fergie was funny, and boisterous and brash and she approached life with such a zest for life and enthusiasm and that in the beginning was utterly charming but ultimately, that led to her downfall."

It was Princess Diana though that re-introduced the two to each other by inviting her fourth cousin and very good friend, Fergie to the event.

In what was a friendly chat where Prince Andrew refused to take no for an answer when she said no to chocolate profiteroles (she was on a diet, she claimed) turned into a rollercoaster relationship for the two.

Just nine months later, the couple announced their engagement in 1986.

"She and Prince Andrew fell in love very quickly," Victoria explains.

The Prince was so enamoured by Fergie’s sparkling red hair that he chose a ring featuring 10 diamonds around a Burmese ruby which complimented her locks perfectly.

In an official engagement interview, the besotted Fergie pointed to Princess Diana in pulling the two lovebirds together and navigating her marriage into the Royal Family.

"The Princess of Wales and I are extremely good friends and we naturally talk about lots of different subjects," she said, adding: "We're very, very good friends."

After they wed at Westminster Abbey, the two became Duke and Duchess of York.

They welcomed two beautiful daughters, Princess Beatrice in 1988 and Princess Eugenie in 1990.

However just two years after the birth of the youngest princess, Eugenie – the couple announced their heartbreaking divorce.

The legal separation of the two was announced in March 1992, and the divorce was finalised in 1996 – following this, Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorce was finalised also.

Rumours continue to circulate the Duke and Duchess of York about getting back together as a couple because they remain close friends and still live in the same home.

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