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Love is in the air! LEGO Masters Miller and Kaitlyn reveal their new romance

Love is in the air! LEGO Masters Miller and Kaitlyn reveal their new romance

Nine’s LEGO Masters wasn’t intended to be a dating show, but turns out, two of its contestants have revealed that they’ve found love!

Speaking to 9Honey Celebrity, Miller and Kaitlyn – who started the show with their teammates Jordan and Marielle – said it was through the show that the pair discovered their feelings for one another.

“We were friends from when we first met, and we’d hang out during free time in between filming. But I had no idea Kaitlyn liked me,” said Miller. “I was completely oblivious to Kaitlyn’s flirtations. The other contestants had a lot to do with us getting together.”

Henry and Cade, another team on the hit show built a strong friendship with Miller, and knew he was interested in Kaitlyn.

“And then Kaitlyn’s partner Marielle told Cade that she was interested in me, so he ended up telling me,” said Miller.

But their romance didn’t start right away.

“We went out on a few dates, but it was still kind of as friends,” said Miller. “Then we went and had breakfast one day, and I kind of just leaned over the table and said, ‘Kaitlyn, I’ve just gotta get something out of the way. I just want to make sure … is this … is this a date?’

“And she kind of said, ‘I don’t know. Is it?’ and I said, ‘I guess it is now?!’”

While the new couple managed to keep it a secret from everyone on the show until now, the two say their LEGO Masters co-stars could not be happier.

“Everyone was really supportive, they were all really happy,” says Kaitlyn.