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Duchess Meghan’s heartfelt note to fans

Duchess Meghan’s heartfelt note to fans

Since joining the British royal family earlier this year, Duchess Meghan has captivated the attention of the world.

And now, the Duchess of Sussex has proven how much the love and support of her fans has touched her.

When Meghan celebrated her 37th birthday last month she was flooded with sweet cards and letters, so the royal made a special gesture to show her appreciation. 

Although the busy royal understandably didn’t have time to reply to each card personally, well-wishers received a thoughtful thank you card from Kensington Palace.

The heartfelt note reads: “The Duchess of Sussex is so touched you took the trouble to write as you did on the occasion of her 37th birthday."

“It really was most thoughtful of you and Her Royal Highness sends you her heartfelt thanks and best wishes.”

It is not uncommon for members of the British royal family to send thank you cards to well-wishers.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sent a card with a photo of the couple in response to cards they received on their seventh wedding anniversary in April.

A card with a photo of Prince George was also sent to royal fans who sent in a card for his fifth birthday.