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Barnaby Joyce’s rift with new father-in-law is over

Barnaby Joyce’s rift with new father-in-law is over

Having a rocky relationship with your in-laws is an issue that arises within many relationships – including Barnaby Joyce’s.

The former deputy prime minister was going through a rift with Peter Campion, his new father-in-law, after he told Barnaby to punch himself in the face.

But thankfully, that all seems to be well and truly behind them.

Tensions began after Barnaby’s affair with Peter’s daughter Vikki Campion went public, but ever since the couple welcomed baby by Sebastian in April this year, the new granddad has chosen to put the past behind him.

Amid reports of Barnaby and Vikki’s relationship, Peter released a statement to the Cairns Post in February.

“Politics sure does make for strange bedfellows. We just never imagined our daughter would hop into one with a former Kiwi.

“Our future son-in-law should give himself an uppercut for failing to give one to the PM,” the statement read.

But Peter’s anger subsided when he met his grandson for the first time during Barnaby’s trip to north Queensland.

Peter now believes that he was misquoted and that the media had taken his words out of context, claiming that his relationship with his son-in-law wasn’t as bad as they made it seem.

“I was only p***ed with Barnaby in a very mild way because I’d made the effort when my wife was estranged from her father to go and sort that out, but he hadn’t. But to be fair, he was busy. These things happen,” Peter told the Northern Daily Leader.

Vikki’s father admitted to having an unstable relationship with his daughter during the time of his original statement, which started before she met Barnaby.

Vikki, a former journalist and Barnaby’s media advisor, chose to not speak to her father due to their tumultuous relationship.

Vikki and Barnaby’s affair ensued chaos amongst the Australian media and also Barnaby’s family, which included his wife and four daughters.

While he is no longer with Natalie, his now ex-wife, he seems to be building back the trust with his daughters as he was spotted with them in September for some quality family time – the first time Barnaby was pictured with his children after his controversial affair.