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The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson shares hilarious fail: "You are kidding?"

The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson shares hilarious fail: "You are kidding?"

While Lisa’s away, the family will play.

The Project co-host Lisa Wilkinson has been away travelling for the last two weeks and has left her husband, Peter FitzSimons and her daughter Billi in charge of holding down the fort.

However, Lisa quickly discovered that things don’t run quite as smoothly as they do if mum’s around.

She shared a hilarious mix-up on her Instagram, naming and shaming her hubby's domestic duties mishap, where he was tasked with washing two loads of dirty laundry from a camping trip – but used the wrong appliance. 

The post is a funny text exchange between Lisa and her daughter Billi, with Lisa asking whether or not the dryer is actually broken and if Billi has checked the filters.

Billi quickly replied:

“Dad threw washing machine powder in with the clothes because he thought it was the washing machine,” Billi replied.

“Soo probs filter? I don’t know.”

“You. Are. Kidding??????????” Wilkinson replied.

Thankfully, Lisa saw the funny side, asking whether or not any of her followers had a spare washing line she could borrow.

The post struck a chord with her female followers, with many commenting on the washing knowledge and experiences of their partners.

“This is both hilarious and shocking @lisa_wilkinson @billifitz!” Channel 7 journalist Jodie Speers wrote.

“It’s fitting that he was hanging out with @benfordham9 this afternoon because their domestic common sense seems to be at a similar level.”

“Oh I hear you!! Why do they do this ??? asked my husband to put the pies in the O for oven but he put it under the G for grill and nearly burnt the house down! Smoke alarms went off! So I know the pain !!!” one follower wrote.

Another shared an anecdote with their father trying to “help” their mother.

“My Dad put the cutlery inc spoons into the Washing machine trying to "help Mum" in the 50s. We spent much of our childhood giggling as we ate with the bent/ twisted spoons. Love your story,!!”

Lisa and her husband have been married for more than 26 years and have three children together, daughter Billi and sons Lois and Jake.

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Well, that was one I never could have imagined...completely blown away and humbled today to receive an Honorary Doctorate Of Letters from The University Of Wollongong, just a few kilometres from the hospital where I was born, and my grandparents’ house where I spent so many of my school holidays growing up. My beautiful grandfather, William Charles Wilkinson, who, 101 years ago tonight fought in the bloody WW1 Anzac Day battle of Villers Bretonneux in France, would have been so incredibly proud. As am I. And huge congrats to all the wonderful graduating students I met and addressed today. It was an absolute honour.👩‍🎓 @uow #UniversityOfWollongong #LestWeForget #AnzacDay #WW1 #Wollongong #TheGong

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