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The $4 ALDI item professional cleaners love – and promises a sparkling stove top every time

The $4 ALDI item professional cleaners love – and promises a sparkling stove top every time

A professional cleaner with over 30 years experience has revealed her favourite kitchen product, but there’s a catch as the coveted item is only available for a few weeks every year.

The New South Wales woman was stunned after seeing the phenomenal results ALDI’s Green Action Smooth Paste Cleaner, which is similar to Gumption, gave her.

And the best thing is, it only costs $3.99.

“I’ve been a cleaner for over 30 years in both the commercial and domestic space,” she wrote on Facebook.

“You know Gumption? Well this is pretty much the same but only costs $3.99 at ALDI.

“Once a year they have it. Grab at least two or three tubs depending on how much you like cleaning.”

She then shared two photos side-by-side for people to compare the difference, with the second photo showing a squeaky clean stove top after using the cleaner.

And according to her, the process involved very little scrubbing.

“Wet the sponge that comes with it. Dab it around all stains and marks. While I was waiting for it to set I did the dishes,” she said.

“Then get a soft scourer, not much elbow grease is needed, then wipe away with a clean sponge.

“You may need to wipe a couple of times as it can leave a small residue.”

Many of her followers were thrilled with the new discovery, as they had never heard of the brand before.

“I love this product … it’s brilliant. I’ll have to see whether my local ALDI has it,” wrote one person.

“I’ve been using this for a couple of years, it’s absolutely awesome,” said another.

A second professional cleaner then gave her input, saying ALDI’s “Green Action” products were “hard to beat”.

“Affordable, no strong fragrance and no toxic ingredients. I clean people’s houses on a part time basis and have tried quite a few products over the last two years. This brand is one of the best,” she said.

“If it’s a really oily or filthy mess I resort to Ajax products but due to the strong fragrance I’d rather not. This Gumption-type product may do the trick!”