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The $3 ALDI hack that will leave your bathroom grout sparkling clean

The $3 ALDI hack that will leave your bathroom grout sparkling clean

A cheap household product from ALDI that has allowed a woman to clean her dirty bathroom in just 20 minutes has made her day.

The woman credited Powerforce Mould Away spray from the German retailer for transforming her grout and leaving it sparkling clean without having to vigorously scrub at the tiles on her bathroom floor.

She posted before and after photos on Facebook, explaining how well the product worked for her.

“I used Aldi's mould spray, let it sit for 20 minutes then scrubbed lightly with a scrubbing brush,” she explained.

The photo showed her formerly black, dirt-filled tiled floor completely clear, which left hundreds astounded.

Commenters were quick to praise the product, saying, “I love Mould Away, I use it on my glass and tiles in the shower. You can watch the mould disappear within minutes.

“I use it around my taps and spray it in the plug holes. I spray it in the toilet bowl as well. The smell is pretty potent and make sure you wear cleaning clothes.”

Others said that it looked like her tiling had been replaced.

“Wow, the tiles have completely changed colour, that’s amazing,” one user said with another agreeing.

“It looks like you replaced the tiles.”

The $2.79 product is available in the household cleaning section in ALDI, but despite it’s popularity, it’s not immune to complaints.

The first complaint about the product is the strength of the bad smell that occurs while using the product. It helps to leave the room while the product is in use.

“I agree it's great stuff but the smell takes my breath away,” one person complained.

Another said that the bleach used in the product strips colour from other surfaces.

“There's nothing worse than bleaching your carpets. Whether it's over spray or transfer from your feet or the bottle,” they said.