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Snake’s “unusual” tactic to keep cool during sweltering heat

Snake’s “unusual” tactic to keep cool during sweltering heat

A snake catcher was in for a surprise after he discovered the slithering reptile having a drink from a garden hose as temperatures soar across the country.

Sipping away on a lawn in Two Wells, a town 40 kilometres north of Adelaide, the carpet python was spotted by Rolly Burrell from Snake Catchers Adelaide.

The snake catching team shared a video of the thirsty python to their Facebook page, and said the sighting was unusual.

“It was on someone’s back lawn and we’ve had quite some hot temperature down here in Adelaide, so the hose was still running from the kids playing around,” Mr Burrell told Yahoo7.

“It wasn’t from this state. It’s obviously an escapee from somewhere and come down to have a drink out of the hose.”

Mr Burrell shared his advice for those wanting to keep snakes out of their home.

“Snakes only come in for one thing, that’s rats and mice,” he said.

“If you bait properly and get rid of the European rats in the house, you’ll find that snakes don’t hang around.

“They might come into your place, but they won’t hang around.”