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Snake catcher's warning: The other spot in the bathroom snakes love to hide

Snake catcher's warning: The other spot in the bathroom snakes love to hide

Last week, experts advised people on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to check their toilets before sitting down so they don’t become another ‘butt of the joke’, and now it turns out there is another hiding spot in the bathroom snakes are gravitating to. 

Snakes are being forced to go to unexpected places for water during this year’s dry season in south-east Queensland, ABC news reports, and snake catcher from Noosa, Luke Huntley, revealed he pulled a carpet python from a shower in Noosa at the start of the Australian Day long weekend.

He said the home owners had left a sliding door open for their “little dog”, giving entry to their home.

“The wife was about to have a shower in the morning when she saw the snake,” Huntley said.

“They had left the toilet lid down, so it couldn’t get in there and the next place was the shower.”

Australians living in hot and dry conditions are advised to check their toilets, sinks and showers before "going in blind", as a beady-eyed creature might just be waiting to meet you.

"It is so dry at the moment, they are not only trying to get in out of the heat, they are looking for water," Mr Huntly explained, with snakes going to extreme measures to escape the heat.

“Snakes can die of heat exhaustion and many of the creeks have dried up. [In] human settlements we have lots of water and the snakes come looking,” Huntley told ABC news.

Helen Richards was another unlucky victim only a few days before, making headlines all around the world after she sat on a toilet and a snake bit her on the bum.

“… [I] went and sat down and felt this tap on my bottom and this sharp pain.

“It didn’t hurt very much. I jumped and thought ‘what the heck was that?’” the Brisbane woman said.

“It did not appreciate that shower under the full moon, I can tell you,” she said.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where a snake is in your toilet bowl, “put the lid down, secure it and call a snake catcher".

Have you ever found a snake in your house? Let us know in the comments below.