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Silent protest: This wife hasn't washed her husband's towel for 3 months

Silent protest: This wife hasn't washed her husband's towel for 3 months

A woman has left her husband’s towel unlaundered for three months in “silent protest” – and he is yet to notice the sneaky move.

In a Reddit post, the woman shared her frustration over her husband of seven years, who believes that towels do not need to be washed.

As the one in charge of the laundry in the household, the woman disagrees with her husband. 

“I … have been throwing his towel in the wash at least 2-3 times a month for the 7 years we have been married,” she wrote.

She said she has been reminding him to put the towel in the hamper for her to launder “every single time”. However, one day, she decided that enough was enough.

“I just... got fed up. Something just snapped, and I stopped putting his towel in the laundry. Never told him. It's now been three months. I have no idea if he knows.”

Even though her belief is firm, she said she still wondered if she is in the wrong for such a move.

However, people on the forum thread said the woman shouldn’t lose sleep over the matter, as the husband knows the towel should be put in the laundry bin if he wants it washed.

“If he insists towels don’t need to be washed, he should be just fine the way things are. Enjoy your own soft, fresh smelling towels,” one commented.

“It is his towel. He doesn't think towels need washed. He knows you wash things that get put in the laundry bin. If he decides his towel needs washed he will put it with the laundry,” another added.

Others expressed disgust at the husband’s hygiene standard. 

“The idea of 'never' washing a bath towel makes me gag on so many levels,” one wrote.

“People are disgusting,” another chimed in.