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Kmart urgently recalls popular Christmas item

Kmart urgently recalls popular Christmas item

Kmart has recalled a popular Christmas decoration after biosecurity fears mean it could pose a risk to native flora and fauna in Australia and New Zealand.

The major retailer has pulled its Half Wicker Wreath with Berries from online stores as well as in-store after the biosecurity risk.

The product has foliage and berries and has been available in Kmart from September 26th to December 7th and there are fears that there are unwanted organisms in the wreath.

Shoppers have been told to return it to stores "immediately" for a full refund.

“The treatment given to this product has been determined to have been ineffective and it may contain unwanted organisms that could affect plants native to the country,” the Product Recalls website said.

“The product could potentially pose a risk to native flora.

“Customers should cease using their product immediately and return the product to any Kmart store for a full refund.”

Photo credits: news.com.au