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Karl Stefanovic’s fiery interview with upset CEO of Jim’s Mowing

Karl Stefanovic’s fiery interview with upset CEO of Jim’s Mowing

In a fiery interview with Karl Stefanovic on the Today show, Jim Penman, CEO and founder of national gardening franchise Jim’s Mowing, labelled Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews the “worst political leader since federation”.

“This idea that he consults with business is ludicrous,” said Penman. “It is a joke.”

“He is an utter incompetent. He has stuffed the quarantine, he is stuffing the contact tracing, he is stuffing the testing. The only thing he is good at is trashing the Victorian economy.

“I cannot think of anybody remotely as bad as this.”

“Our industry is no threat to public health at all,” Penman explained to Karl, referring to the sole operators currently working for his Jim’s Mowing franchises. “A lone operator working alone in a garden is no threat to health. But, when you throw tens of thousands of people out of work without need, you talk about mental health issues, suicide, drug addiction, domestic violence and the rest.

“He should be tossed out by his own party.”

Penman also wrote a highly critical letter to the Premier on September 7 after Daniel Andrews announced the extension of Victoria’s lockdown period:

“Premier, you will have blood on your hands. Every day I hear stories of misery and despair. Putting people out of work without need is a massive risk to health and wellbeing.

“I have one Franchisee whose son barely survived a suicide attempt. His daughter too is severely depressed... This extension has filled them with despair.”

“Drop this senseless measure,” Penman appealed in his letter, asking Mr Andrews to “put human welfare” ahead of political advantage.

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