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Shannen Findlay

Good news for ALDI fans: Special Buys item back for a limited time only

One of the most wildly popular Special Buys item is back and we’re not sure it will be on the shelves for long.

ALDI’s famous Expressi Coffee Capsule Machines appeared in stores Wednesday morning, and they’re a little a different from when we saw them last.

The item has a new “piano black” look and is part of the May 1st Special Buys collection.

The bargain item coffee machine is a favourite among shoppers who long for a cheap alternative to a pricey brand name machine.

Not only does it replace the expensive brands that may be out of most of our price ranges and budgets, it also replaces the expensive takeaway coffees we opt for at cafes that tend to quickly add up.

The coffee machine is a bargain price at $90, a steep drop from the retail price of other machines that typically start around $160.

In other good news, the item also is available online for delivery, meaning you don’t need to go in store to get your hands on one of the highly sought-after machines.

Not only is the catalogue item a steal itself, the pods that fit in the machine are also a lowly expense at just $6 for a 16-pack, which is around 36 cents per pod.

Traditionally, pods retail for around 80 cents per pod.

The new sleek design of the coffee machine is not the only added feature to come out with the latest Special Buys release.

The Expressi brand has added a brand-new extra-large milk frother to its coffee range, which can hold up to 500ml of liquid.

For just $50, anyone at home can make a perfectly crafted café-style cup of coffee.

However, you better get in quick for this particular item, as it is only hitting shelves for the first time so it is expected to be a hot ticket item.

Scroll through the gallery to see the ALDI Special Buys items up close.