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Fans go crazy over genius $2 Kmart hack to clean your oven

Fans go crazy over genius $2 Kmart hack to clean your oven

A mum has discovered a new cleaning hack that makes cleaning your oven much easier, and it’s all thanks to Kmart.

She posted it to the Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia, where members were thrilled by the discovery.

Kim Cutter was cleaning her oven and used the standard commercial options she’s used before. However, it was one product in particular that was the game changer.

She shared on the forum, saying:

“After spending the best part of the day cleaning my oven with a commercial cleaner, the right side of the oven door was what I was left with.

“I took to the left side of the door with a cleaning eraser from Kmart and here’s the result!”

She accompanied her post with photos of your oven door with the grime and grease removed, leaving it sparkling clean and looking like new. 

9Honey Homes reached out to Kim Cutter to discover how she used the cleaning eraser from Kmart.

“I only used it on the inside of the glass and used only one eraser,” Cutter explained.

“I had to give it a good scrub but the job was done in about 10 minutes.”

Cutter also pointed out in the group that the eraser pack of six was a bargain at $2.

Commenters were quick to offer their suggestions for cleaning an oven.

One user suggested razor blades.

“Razor blades do a good job too. I love these erasers in my bathroom,” they said.

Others were quick to point out that they use the cleaning erasers in their home for other chores as well.

“Magic erasers are amazing for cleaning windows and shower screens too,” one user commented.

Another pointed out that they were good for the glass in wood heaters as well.

The post was popular in the group, with 104 comments sharing tips and tricks for cleaning the oven.