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Household items that make cleaning your BBQ quick and easy

Household items that make cleaning your BBQ quick and easy

Everyone loves a barbie but nobody likes to clean it up. Forgo the harsh chemicals, pressure sprayers and vigorous scrubbing because these five natural and easy clean-up methods all use items stashed around the household.

Beer – This clean up method involves cracking open a beer so what’s not to love? Heat up your barbie and pour half a bottle of beer on the hotplate. Scrub with wire brush, paper towel, newspapers or anything you have on hand and voila, your grill will be sparkling. Now to drink that half-used bottle of beer!

Lemons – When life gives you lemons, use them to clean the grill. Cut lemons in half and dip exposed ends into salt. Heat the grill to high and rub with the salty lemons. The acidity and abrasiveness with clean up the BBQ quickly.

Vinegar – It’snot just for salad dressings, vinegar can help clean that dirty grill. The acetic acid of vinegar will break down any stubborn grease making it easy to wipe later. Pour two cups of white vinegars in a spray bottle and give the grill a good spray. Remember vinegar is flammable so take care when spraying on hot surfaces. Wait for a few minute and then rub with a crumpled up aluminium foil.

Onions – Make sure you don’t cook all your onions because they’re great for cleaning too. Heat BBQ to high and peel a couple of white onions. Use tongs or a BBQ fork to hold the onion as your rub it across the grates which will remove grit and grime.

Baking soda – There’s nothing baking soda can’t clean up. Sprinkle some baking soda directly onto the plate then take a damp brush dipped in baking soda and scrub the barbie until it’s clean. Rinse with water once clean and dry off with paper towels before you begin to cook. 

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