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Can you spot the snake in this overcrowded shed?

Can you spot the snake in this overcrowded shed?

A snake catcher has left the internet stumped after asking his followers to spot a python hiding inside an overcrowded shed.

The reptile, which was believed to be two to two-and-a-half metres long, picked a clever hiding spot after slithering inside a shed at Coolum last week.

Max Jackson shared a 180 degree image of the shed on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 page, asking viewers to spot the python.

Can you spot it?

“Don’t think I could find anything in that shed,” one Facebook user commented.

Some people thought there was a snake hiding along the roof, but they were mistaken.

However, many people were able to spot the python tucked away near a couple of black boxes, on the far left of the picture.

“Bit ‘boxed’ in their lil fella,” one person joked.

“Got him! I’m never walking in my shed again” said another person. 

Max explained that the reptile was first discovered when a child went to get a toy from the shed.

“Their kid had gone into the shed to go and get the toy and realised the toy was basically sitting on top of the python,” Max said.

Max explained that pythons like to move to sheds and roof spaces in the winter to keep warm.

“It’s a nice warm way to spend the day especially in winter,” he said.

“They do tend to come with rodents as a free bonus too.”