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Courtney Allan

Can you guess where a tiger snake was hiding in this Aussie home?

Can you guess where a tiger snake was hiding in this Aussie home?

A family in Little River, Victoria, got quite a shock when they discovered that a tiger snake had been living in their air conditioning unit.

A local snake catcher by the name of ‘Stewy the Snake Catcher’ has warned that snakes are more likely to come indoors to escape the heat. He told nine.com.au:

“It’s expected to hit 42C tomorrow (January 4) and snakes will be looking for a cooler place to escape the heat,” he said.

“People should always be wary of them but on these extremely hot days they should be extra vigilant.”

The video shows Stewy trying to get the snake out with a hook like device and a torch, trying to get the snake out of the air conditioner.

Stewy shared his thoughts as to how the snake got into the vent, by explaining:

“Snakes can turn up in darnedest places. This tiger snake was inside a split system air conditioner. It was located in a house in Little River.

“My guess is the snake entered via the hole made in the external wall for the plumbing to go through. Most likely been chasing mice in the roof.”

With the weather heating up, the snake catcher is run off his feet with up to 80 callouts a week. A majority of these calls involve tiger snakes, as they’re common across the southeast coast of Australia.

If you’re worried about snakes coming into your house at night, you needn’t worry, according to the snake catcher. Stewy has said:

“Once the heat drops to about 30C, they will head back to the bush and their natural environment.”

At least that’s something to celebrate!