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As good as new! Bunnings expert reveals 3-step process "for sparkling clean grout"

As good as new! Bunnings expert reveals 3-step process "for sparkling clean grout"

A Bunnings expert has revealed the exact method to use when wanting to make the grout in your bathroom look brand new.

Bunnings Warehouse team member Cath said while the process isn’t complicated, it does require three steps and the right products.

“Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom floor, let’s face it. It’s one of those jobs you’ve got to do all the time,” said Cath in a video uploaded to YouTube.

The three-step process “for sparkling clean grout” requires sweeping, mopping, grout cleaner and a bit of “elbow grease”.

Starting off, Cath had a range of items with her to help make the job easier.

The things you will need are a mop and bucket, rubber gloves, Mop & Glo (a floor cleaner found at Bunnings for $9.43) and a grout cleaning kit which comes with a brush and a chemical product (also from Bunnings for $20).

Other items include a dust mask and a grout pen ($16 from Bunnings).

Step one ensured there was no dirt or debris on the floor, so Cath swept the entire area until it was free from dust.

She then wiped the tiles with the floor cleaner to help break down dirt that was deeply rooted into the grout.

According to Cath’s suggestion, only pour a small amount of mopping solution into the bucket that contains hot water, and when looking for the type of mop to help remove stains, use one that comes with a built-in scourer.

Next, apply grout cleaner to the tiles. Be sure to spot check before going in as bleach can cause damage to some surfaces.

Once you have the all clear, spray the cleaner directly onto the grout letting it soak for at least a minute.

Then, once you can visibly see the grout cleaner working its magic, use a scrubbing brush to not only speed up the process, but also to get a deeper clean.

Cath also recommends wearing a face mask throughout the entire process as the cleaning products can be “fumey and you don’t want to be breathing in all that stuff”.

You may need to repeat the steps if your tiles are extra dirty.

Once you’re done, wipe off any excess product on a towel and admire your handy work.

“A bit of grout cleaner, a fair bit of elbow grease and there you go, a nice sparkling floor.”