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​ALDI shopper goes viral with bizarre coronavirus headwear

​ALDI shopper goes viral with bizarre coronavirus headwear

A UK man has gone viral on social media for his bizarre headwear during the coronavirus pandemic.

The man, who was shopping at ALDI, was pictured wearing a shed on his head and quickly after they were posted to Twitter, the images and the post went viral.

Stunned onlookers could be seen in the pictures.

Matt Read took the images outside of an ALDI supermarket in Bristol.

“Interesting take on PPE queueing to get into my local Aldi,” Matt captioned the snap.

The hilarious snap left people quite amused, with some calling the idea “impressive”.

“Well he’s staying at home, in a sort of way,” one person mused.

“Probably under there laughing at all the other idiots who forgot their houses,” another said.

A third quipped, “That was a Special Buy in Feb.”

It seems however this is not the first time the man has been seen around town wearing a shed, and he is something of a local celebrity.

Shed by name, shed by nature, the clever dresser has been identified as one Michael Shedworth and he is often seen walking through the city streets with flashing lights upon his head. This newest creation, however, certainly turned heads a little more than usual.