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5 ways to enrich garden soil

5 ways to enrich garden soil

Healthier garden soil means healthier plants. It is the foundation of successful gardening and thus worth paying attention to.

Here are 5 ways you can enrich your garden soil.

1. Spread grass

Grass clippings add nutrients as they decompose. They also provide shade, keeping roots cool and reducing water loss in hot weather.

Mix them with leaf litter or dig into the soil to avoid them forming a mat that will repel water.

2. Use manure
Cow manure improves soil micro-organisms and chicken manure, which is high in nitrogen and phosphorus, is great for the lawn and vegie patch.

TIP: Don’t use manure from carnivores, such as dogs and cats.

3. Lay straw
Lucerne hay and pea straw strengthen the soil, so they’re highly recommended. They also break down fairly quickly, which gives the soil a quick nutrient injection, and can be dug in to speed up the process.

4. Use bark
These mulches take longer to break down, so they don’t need applying as often.

They shade the soil, help retain moisture, repel weeds and look decorative, but don’t add many nutrients to the plants.

5. Add compost
A well-rounded source of goodness, compost allows water to penetrate the soil. It provides slow-release nutrients, attracts worms and encourages a healthy root system. Best of all, you can make it from kitchen scraps.

Written by Handyman. Republished with permission of Handyman

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