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5 fast fix-ups to give your home a facelift

5 fast fix-ups to give your home a facelift

Sometimes we take our homes for granted. When was the last time you had a good look around your interior with a fresh eye? Here is a tip: go outside, then come in through the front door and pretend you are looking at your house with a view of buying it. Immediately, you will focus on things that you overlook day to day. It could be a messy entrance full of shoes and coats, a boring hallway, a living area that doesn’t make the most of the view, or a kitchen that has seen better days.

For many of us, the idea of redecorating our house brings thoughts of upheaval, noise, dust and expense. And while sometimes this can’t be avoided, often a little planning and some key pieces can give your interior an instant facelift, allowing you to look around your home with pleasure and pride once more. Take a look at our fast fix-ups for your home:

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 1.   Set the tone

For a coordinated approach, give some thought to a look that reflects your personality and works well for you and your family. Do you like bold, floral patterns and colours? Or prefer pastels and neutrals? Country casual or urban chic? Does the interior of your home need to be hard-wearing and practical because of children or pets, or would you like to fill it with lots of ornaments, plants and texture?

You can of course opt for different styles in different rooms, but it pays to have a colour palette to unify all the living spaces for a relaxed atmosphere.

2.   Be ruthless with clutter

For many of us, clutter is like an invisible enemy, creeping up on us when our back is turned and always threatening to overwhelm us when we least expect it. Often, clutter is down to a lack of storage options, not lack of space. People who think that their clutter will vanish if they move to a larger home will soon find that they amass even more clutter once they have more space. So look at your spaces with a critical eye: can you add shelving, a cabinet, or even some wicker baskets to hide away toys, paperwork, clothes or shoes? Should you throw away those souvenir items you brought back from holiday 10 years ago? Or can you hang up items that are now cluttering up the floor?

3.   Create a feature wall

In a lot of cases, spaces look more interesting if they have a feature wall. This can be in a living room, hallway or bedroom – in fact just about any space in the home – and it can be achieved in different ways. Of course, you can decorate a wall with a different paint colour or a bold wallpaper, but you can also adopt some decorating tricks, such as, for instance, buying a number of identical picture frames and grouping photos, artwork or pictures together – even if the subjects and colours are different, the uniform style of the frames will draw them together as a group. Or use different items that have a common theme – a great way for collectors to display their favourite items.

4.   Brighten up your bathroom

Often overlooked, bathrooms and separate toilets are spaces that can be transformed inexpensively and quickly. Decide on a colour you like and then treat yourself to some new, soft towels that you can display on rails or shelves. Add a matching bathmat, shower curtain or other bathroom accessories that blend in with your chosen décor. Unless your bathroom is very humid and unventilated, there are plenty of wall art options that you can add for an interesting touch too. Keep bathroom products and cleaning products out of sight with handy caddies or storage items.

5.   From bedroom to boudoir

Maybe your bedroom is not the first space you would choose to improve, but don’t you deserve a gorgeous room to relax in and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning? When was the last time you treated yourself to a new quilt cover set, or a soft and luxurious throw and some scatter cushions to relax on? Make sure your sleep is undisturbed by light or noise by choosing some room darkening blinds, and create a peaceful, relaxing ambience by adding a few well-chosen lights, or a few candles that you can burn to create a soothing scent that will help you get to sleep.

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So, instead of moving home or putting up with all the hassle of a complete home overhaul, choose some simple ideas to give your home – and yourself – a feeling of wellbeing. For inspiration on home décor, bedroom and bathroom ideas, and all other aspects of your interior, visit Spotlight where you will find everything from classic to contemporary home ideas for every style.


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