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Thu, 8 Feb, 2018Danielle McCarthy

How tomato sauce will change your cleaning

How tomato sauce will change your cleaning

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, we come along and tell you that you can clean up your copper vase, kettle or bowl with tomato sauce.

Take a clean cloth and squirt a tablespoon of tomato ketchup on it.

Sprinkle a teaspoon of salt on the top and then rub the salty sauce onto your copper item. You may need to apply more sauce and salt to the rag as you go depending on the area you are cleaning. Rinse well with warm water and then dry with a clean tea towel.

Apply the mixture again if there are still areas that have not been cleaned thoroughly. It could take up to three applications to get the results you are after.

Please note that if you don’t rinse it off quickly, the tomato sauce can stain your copper so undertake this procedure with that in mind.

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