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Wed, 19 Dec, 2018Basmah Qazi

Woolworths' $8 Christmas loaf divides the nation

Woolworths' $8 Christmas loaf divides the nation

There’s good news if you’re vegan.

Woolworths has introduced a “plant-based loaf” this Christmas season for those who are seeking a replacement for ham or turkey.

The soy-based product, which is priced at $8, consists of breadcrumbs, sweet cranberries, green lentils, herbs and spices.

With many welcoming the new addition, some shoppers are not entirely happy saying the item of food doesn’t seem to look appetising.

“Looks extremely unappealing,” said one person.

Woolworths shared the new product on its Facebook page this week, after the supermarket introduced it into their stores on December 17.

“Tap to reveal #VeganChristmas goals,” the supermarket giant wrote on its social media page.

Many were thrilled with the new introduction, saying it was “wonderful news” and “Christmas lunch sorted”.

Others commended the company for listening to its consumers.

Photo: Woolworths

But despite the positive feedback, you simply cannot please everyone, as some users had issues with the name and the tin foil packaging.

“Could you come up with a more unappealing name?” wrote one user, with another saying that it “looks extremely unappetising”.

One person gave a blunt response and simply said “no thanks” while another was undecided, saying that it “would either be really good or really bad”.

Results from consumer research conducted by Woolworths showed ham to remain the most popular Christmas food item, but vegan items have seen a spike.

According to last year’s results, 71 per cent of shoppers prefer to serve ham for their Christmas feast.

Will you be trying out the new plant-based Christmas loaf from Woolworths? Let us know in the comments below.