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Woman driven to tears by ungrateful "Karen" customer

Woman driven to tears by ungrateful "Karen" customer

Image: TikTok

A Queensland small business owner has been left in tears after a vegan ‘Karen’ customer sent her a rude email about a free lolly that was included in her order.

Carissa Collins, founder of TLC Body, took to TikTok earlier this week sharing her feelings about the email.

She has been adding lollies to her packages sent to her customers as a thoughtful gesture.

“So once again I’m in a position where I will not be buying from you again because I no longer trust your word” the email read.

“I don’t eat lollies – vegan or not – what do you think you are gaining by sending someone a bit of sugary junk in the first place? I’d rather pay less for my product than get something I never asked for or wanted”

“If they were vegan I could have at least appreciated the thought”.

The email from the customer ended with them saying they would never buy Collins again.

In a teary video on TikTok, Collins shared the email, asking “when did it become okay to speak to people like this?”

“I literally just received an email from a customer complaining about me giving them a lolly. A bloody lolly in their order”, Collins said in the video.

“Honestly, how this email was worded, it was almost as if I had stabbed them or something. What the hell. I am trying to do a nice thing by giving free gifts with orders. If you don’t like a lolly, don’t eat it”.

Following her video, Collins received a massive amount of support, with fellow TikTokers commending her for the “lovely gesture”.

“This lady is clearly a Karen” one person said.

“You don’t want customers like that, it’s a blessing in disguise, don’t let this put you down” another said.

In a follow up video she said she has been blown away by support.

“All I can say right now is wow these last two days have been crazy”.

“I really want you guys to know I appreciate you so much, thank you for your support and kind words”.

The young business owner says she will not let the customer get her down and will continue to throw free lollies in to her orders.

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