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Why this Coles cake is causing concern amongst customers

Why this Coles cake is causing concern amongst customers

A Brisbane mother has been left in disbelief after finding a piece of cake she bought from Coles on her partners desk for two months, still perfectly intact.

Brittnee Rose was concerned about the levels of preservatives within the cake, which she purchased to celebrate Mother’s Day with her family back in May.

She shared a photo of the cake to Facebook.

“I decided to clean my partner's office and just found this Coles drip cake from Mothers Day!” she wrote.

“Gross I know! You'd think it would be mouldy ... we didn't like the taste and thought it tasted too much like preserver and now we know why,” she wrote. 

Ms Rose spoke to Yahoo! News Australia saying that nobody in her family of four children under the age of six, as well as three adults, enjoyed the taste of the cake.

Coles Drip Cake

“It tasted too much like preservatives,” she said.

Her partner had taken a piece of cake to the office with the intention of eating it but had forgotten about it.

He was reminded a few weeks later but wanted to know whether or not it would get mouldy. 

“He said it got to a point where he wondered if it would go mouldy, so he just left it there,” she said.

Ms Rose received a reply from Coles concerning the taste of the cake instead of her main concern as to why the cake wasn’t green with mould after two months.

"I was more shocked at their response regarding taste over and lack of concern for a cake that should be green with mould after essentially two months in a room," she told Yahoo News Australia.

Coles said in a statement to Yahoo News Australia that they didn’t pack their cakes with preservatives.

“Mould requires air and moisture to grow and food left uncovered in an air-conditioned environment would dry out very quickly on the surface, creating a dry crust, which may prevent the occurrence of visible mould,” the supermarket stated.

”Our Coles Drip Cake, like all Coles Brand products, contains no artificial colours or flavours.”