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Iconic Aussie staple about to go through a major change

Iconic Aussie staple about to go through a major change

Nestle has launched a healthier version of a popular Aussie drink, Milo. They’ve announced a major change to the recipe and have launched a new 30 per cent less added sugar version.

This is due to backlash after the product’s 4.5 health star rating.

However, there’s one question on everyone’s lips: Does it taste the same as the old one?

According to the Nestle Australia’s spokeswoman, Margaret Stuart, it does. She told

“It tastes exactly the same, so much so, most people don’t even notice the difference,” Ms Stuart said.

“When we were working on developing Milo 30% less added sugar, our focus was on creating a product that looks like original Milo, tastes like original Milo, and behaves like original Milo — crunchy bits and all.

“We found in testing that people really loved the concept, but they liked it even more when they tasted it. It really exceeded their expectations. It tastes great.”

The development of the new Milo took two years and was developed in response to the changing nutritional needs of families.

Nestle general manager Andrew McIver explained why they’ve done the best they can to hold onto the brand’s 85 yearlong heritage.

“Milo was originally designed as a nutritious drink for undernourished children during the Depression, delivering added vitamins and minerals in a format children enjoyed,” he said.

“With parents increasingly concerned about added sugar in their children’s diets, we’ve created an option that is true to the Milo heritage and encourages people to drink milk, but delivers less added sugar.”