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How ripe should bananas be before they’re eaten?

How ripe should bananas be before they’re eaten?

Do you prefer your bananas slightly green, a ripened brown and squishy, or somewhere in between?

You will, of course, think there’s only one right answer, but a recent viral image shows the perfect banana is a contentious issue with people holding many different opinions.

A new snap on Instagram shared by the account fitness_meals, depicts a bunch of bananas at different levels of ripeness.

The image asks you to pick the “perfect” banana from the bunch – and naturally the question ignited a firestorm of different responses.

Instagram users were asked to pick their favourite banana from the bunch, with '1' being the most under-ripe (left centre) to 15 being the most brown and over-ripe (just above)

The majority of banana fans said they would pick numbers 8 through 10 from the bunch, as these fruits had no green underripe parts. Some preferred the yellow fruit with a few brown speckles on the skin as seen in number 10.

However a few said they liked a number 2 banana, one that is very under-ripe and is greenish-yellow in colour.

Which number do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.