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"In your face, ALDI!": Shopper shares hack to slow down checkout

 "In your face, ALDI!": Shopper shares hack to slow down checkout

An ALDI customer has shared a hack for beating the fast pace of the store’s checkouts and has received a mixed response from others online.

ALDI staff are known for their high speed scanning of groceries at the checkout, and a shopper has shared an image of the simple thing she does to slow them down.

The photograph shows a series of grocery items spaced out along the conveyor belt, with around 30cm between each item.

She claims this trick ensures she has enough time to pack items into her trolley or bag at the other end of the checkout.

“In your face ALDI! Just so we got time to pack!” she captioned the photo.

Image: Facebook

While many have praised the technique, others were angry and accused the shopper of being “selfish” and “annoying”.

“Stop trying to pack your bags at the checkout. Put your groceries back into your trolley after they’ve been scanned and pack them at the packing area like you’re supposed to. You don’t need to do stupid things like this if you just follow the rules,” one person said.

“People like you packing their bag at the register is so annoying and selfish. Try packing them at the bench like everyone else,” another added.

“If you are selfish enough to do that I hope they really throw them at you,” a third wrote.

“How childish,” another said.

A former ALDI worker also contributed to the debate, saying she had come across this tactic in the past.

“When I worked at ALDI and people did this, I would hold the first item back from the sensor with my arm until everything piled up,” she said.

Meanwhile, others praised the idea and told people “to lighten up”.

“Great idea. Might try it next time I don’t feel like taking on the ALDI ninja fast cashiers lol,” said one.

Image: Facebook

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