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The siblings of Serena Williams you may not know about

The siblings of Serena Williams you may not know about

Serena and Venus Williams are considered to be the most well-known siblings in the world – alongside being the most athletically trained.

But while the world cannot get enough of the two tennis legends, what they may not know is that the pair have other siblings that they also share a special bond with.

The Williams sisters are the only biological daughters of parents Richard Williams and Oracene Price, but before that, the couple have five and three children from previous marriages respectively. 

Here are the eight siblings you may not know about:

Yetunde, Isha and Lyndrea Price

The late daughter of Oracene Price and half-sister of the Williams’ sisters spent time working for the two as their personal assistant.

But after a tragic turn of events, Yetunde was killed due to gun violence in 2003 at the mere age of 31 years old.

“When [Venus and Serena] received the calls from all of us here, they were saying, ‘Are you sure this is correct?’ They couldn’t believe it,” said a spokesperson to People magazine at the time.

In honour of their late sister, the two athletes opened the Yetunde Price Resource Centre in Compton.

“It meant a lot to us, to myself and to Venus and my other sisters as well, Isha and Lyndrea, that we’ve been wanting to do something for years in memory of her, especially the way it happened, a violent crime,” said Serena during the opening in 2016.

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Oracene had two other daughters with ex-husband Yusef Rasheed – Isha and Lyndrea – who’s career paths couldn’t be further from their much more famous sisters.

Isha is a lawyer and Lyndrea works in fashion merchandising. Venus recently revealed that she considers Isha as one of her role models.

“She’s always saving my life,” said Williams. “I’m grateful for her. I have three older sisters, one younger, and I have my mom. Those were the role models in my life. We’re a tightknit family. We were taught that your sisters are your best friends.”

Serena has also spoken about the love she has for her sisters through an Instagram post.

“My mom raised 5 women (one passed) and 3 grandchildren,” she wrote. “They are not afraid to tell me anything, after all I am the youngest of 5.”

“I’m so happy Olympia has my mom as her grandma (of course she has Alexis’ Stepmom as well) and I’m happy she has aunts like my sisters Venus, Isha, Lyn and Alexis’ sisters Amy and Hayley. All women! Coincidence? I think it not. She will fit right in.”

Richard III, Ronner, Sabrina, Chavoita and Dylan Starr Williams

Not much is known about the remainder of Serena and Venus’s other siblings, who they are related to through their father Richard.

In 2018, a report published in The Telegraph revealed that Chavoita LeSane, 45, has power of attorney of their father’s property.

Dylan Starr, the youngest of the clan was born in 2012 to Richard Williams’ partner Lakeisha Graham.

Richard told the New Yorker in 2014 that he did not want his youngest child to follow in the footsteps of his professional tennis player daughters, saying he didn’t want him to choose tennis as his future career path.