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The new ingredient in peanut butter that could be deadly to your dogs

The new ingredient in peanut butter that could be deadly to your dogs

Peanut butter has been a long-time treat for dogs around the world, but a new ingredient located in some brands of peanut butter could put a stop to this.

As dogs are clever and know that you’re trying to give them tablets, peanut butter is often used to disguise medication that they often need to take.

The surge in popularity of high-protein, low-sugar “health” products has seen a rise in artificial ingredients being used. One ingredient is xylitol, which is a natural sweetener lower in calories than sugar.

Sydney-based vet Bill Ilkin told Yahoo News that while this ingredient might be good for those watching their waistlines, it could prove fatal for your dogs.

“Excessive amounts are deadly, but most people aren’t feeding their dogs excessive amounts of peanut butter,” Dr Ilkin said.

“Some people will wrap the dogs pills in peanut butter but they normally use a small amount.”

Dr Jade Norris, veterinarian at RSPCA NSW, has agreed.

“Xylitol can kill dogs and therefore pet owners must ensure dogs do not have access to xylitol or xylitol-containing products,” Dr Norris said.

“Xylitol is a sweetener found in some products such as some sugar-free chewing gum, lollies, baking goods, peanut butter, toothpaste and many other products.”

What to do if your dog eats xylitol

“If your pet dog has ingested xylitol or you just suspect they may have ingested xylitol take them to your veterinarian immediately as xylitol ingestion is a life-threatening emergency. Just a small amount of xylitol can kill a dog.” Dr Norris explained.