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The heartwarming reason behind this $5 Kmart Christmas hack

The heartwarming reason behind this $5 Kmart Christmas hack

Kmart is every Aussie mums’ favourite, and with their loyal following using Facebook to share their DIY hacks, it’s easy for everyone to get on board with the budget-friendly ideas.

The most recent DIY project isn’t only clever, but it holds strong sentimental value that will make sure there isn’t a dry eye in the house.

A woman took to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page to share a photo of a bargain Christmas bauble she used to display a photo of her late mother.

Photo: Kmart Mums Australia

“My memory ball for my mum using the Kmart glass light up bauble,” she wrote. “I love how it’s turned out.”

The post was well received as it collected over 1.7K likes and hundreds of comments as members wanted to know just how the savvy woman did it.

“I unclipped the top of the bauble, took the lights out, inserted a few feathers and a double-sided photo that I’d glued together with some fishing line and at the top, so the photo would remain central then hooked it into the clip and put the lights back in,” she said.

The light up bauble is priced at an affordable $5.

Soon after the post gained traction, members of the group started to post their own creations, as they made baubles for their loved ones who are no longer with them.

Photo: Kmart Mums Australia

“Last Friday we had to say goodbye to our best friend of over 8 years. He’s watching over us though. Put bits of his favourite balls in with his picture. Used the $5 Light up Bauble.”

Others fans of the Facebook group were grateful to the original poster for sharing her idea with them.

“Thank you to the person who shared this lovely idea to remember a lost loved one. My sister-in-law lost her Mum 6 months ago and they are coming from Ireland to have Christmas with us in Sydney this year. I wanted to include her Mum in some way. I hope she likes it.”

Photo: Kmart Mums Australia

“Thank you to whom ever posted this idea. My MIL puppy passed away suddenly Friday morning, so I rushed into Kmart and she had this on her tree by Friday afternoon.”

The post attracted a lot of positive attention, with one person commenting “this is a beautiful idea".