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Royal twins: Princess Mary’s sister-in-law looks exactly like her!

Australia's very own royalty Princess Mary has a doppelganger – and it’s none other than her sister-in-law Princess Marie.

The similarities between the Crown Princess of Denmark and Prince Joachim’s wife are uncanny. Apart from the name, the two also have similar appearances, fashion sense, mannerisms and life paths.

Princess Mary was working for an advertising company in Sydney when she met Crown Prince Frederik at a pub. Similarly, the Parisian-born Princess Marie was developing her career in advertising and marketing around Europe when she met Prince Frederik’s younger brother Prince Joachim at a private party.

Princess Marie and Prince Joachim tied the knot in 2008, four years after Frederik and Mary's marriage.

The difference between the two princesses is that Princess Marie will not become the Queen, as Prince Frederik is the apparent heir to the throne.

Scroll through the gallery above to pick out the similarities. Can you tell who is who?